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REMS -solo exhibition-

DATE 2016/4/14(FRI) – 16(SAT)
open/start 17:00/22:00


彼はヨーロッパ各地で活動する9人のフランス人アーティスト集団 “Ghetto Farceur”の首謀者であり、各地にたくさんのミューラルアートを残しています。

(Kenji Daikoku / AMP )



2008年、Remsは、フランス、モントリオール、そしてロンドンの9人のフランス人アーティストを集め、Ghetto Farceurという集団を創設した。彼らは、この革新的で他にはない精神を守るため世界中を巡り、超現実主義と彼らの対照的な世界が完璧に融合された巨大な壁画を制作している。

Creatively self-taught and fascinated by the power of the image, Rems turned in 2004 to the spray paint on wall and has since explored an innovative way of approaching the traditional Graffiti.
Developing a precise and singular fluo universe, seeking a futuristic and uninhibited graffiti, his work on wall is driven by his will to upset the codes of the Graffiti environment that at times feels introverted. To this end, Rems uses the infinite possibilities offered by the spray tool and by systematically pushing away the technical limits and production sizes, or by the exploration of new processes of creation.
In 2008, Rems gathered nine French artists distributed in France, Montreal, and London to create the Ghetto Farceur collective. In order to defend their innovative and offbeat spirit by travelling around the world, together they produce huge frescoes, which are complete fusions of their surrealist and contrasted universe.
In early 2011, the concept “Handicapable” was born, which Rems implemented together with artist Bims. Mixing their wall and canvas realizations, they imposed in their work certain constraints such as blind-painting, painting with left hand, and painting while bound to one another by a rope at their wrists.
From the illustration to abstraction, from retro to futurism, from lines to extrusions, or between paintings and installations, in Rem’s work the structures and volumes stand out and get organized in a fluid and coherent set in its fluorescent madness.
Adrian Pusher (DJ)

rakqa (live)