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DATE:  2012/08/30(Thu)
入場料:  free    Open:  10:00


ARTIST : Marije ter Weele 

A number is not just a number.「被害者数」は単なる数字ではありません。

“I have experienced Japan as a very pure and original country that has shown me a different, very beautiful side of humanity.
I wanted to give something back to Japan and decided to make a memorial for the Tsunami victims.

Living in Kyoto, I was very surprised that talking about
the tsunami seemed not to be appreciated. I thought that was interesting,
because I feel, from my western perspective, that it`s good to talk
about a national disaster openly, for many reasons.
Not that I want to change the Japanese mind, I just wanted to by share with the Japanese people my Western way of
expressing oneself, showing them that it can be valuable to openly deal with sensitive issues.

I decided to make a conceptual art piece by writing down all
the numbers of the victims of the Tsunami.

I chose this form to make people aware about the number of the victims.
A number is not just a number.
Every number I wrote down represents a victim.”