• 7:28-9


DATE 2018/7/27[fri]-28[sat]
open 18:00-23:00


‘Love Your Neighbour’ is a mixed-media exhibition, exploring concepts and ideas around mutual respect, and the collision of Western Culture, meeting Asian culture. More speci – cally the collide of the Melbourne and Tokyo art scenes.
Curated by JUDAH.Tribes creative director, DOC-G. The focus of this exhibition is to create a lasting bridge between the two scenes, and bring the underground Tokyo art scene to- gether.
This will be run in-conjunction, with a weekend-long umbrella event, incorporating BBoys, music & live art from Montanasa who’re a Melbourne based arts crew


AKI YAGUCHI {@akiyaguchi}
Aki is a Tokyo born, Australian raised multi-disciplinary artist who has can be identi ed through her signature characters, the “Tobu Hime” (“とととと” Floating Girls).

ADRIAN JUNG {@adrianjung_}
Photographer based in Melbourne.
website: www.adrian-jung.com.au

DOC-G {@docg_}
Artist attempting to create something each day, that eventually evolves—building its own expression.

DIGABLE GOODS {@digablegoods}
Graphic Designer, Illustrator & Public Artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Co-founder of The W.C.S.S, Ruler Wurc, and Talkshops.
website: http://www.digablegoods.com/

DOUG BENNETT {@dougbennett}
I draw, take lm photos, paint, make videos and design clothes. I also created GOOD- STUFFCO which is a world wide collective of artists, musicians, designers, photographers, models, cool people, creatives, skateboarders and surfers. But if people want to put labels on me I want them to call me an artist.

ISAIAH MORRIS {@isaiah_morris_}
Isaiah is a Melbourne based visual artist specialising in projections, lm, content creation. His works explores the thought around the ever-increasing use of digital media and tech- nology in society and how it affect us and changes the landscape of human communica- tion and creativity. Isaiah seeks to expand his horizon in the use of public and non tradi- tional spaces, and how these environments can effect the viewers perception of what is real and isn’t. Often blurring the lines with the use of tangible mediums such as paint, and the juxtaposition with the intangible, being projections and light.

JADEZZZ {@trynnakeepitmoving}
Artist creating moves for himself

JEAN PAUL MCA {@jeanpaulmca} {@thirdculture}
Photographer and head of Thirdculture. Melbourne based photography publishing house Third Culture, curates photography and photography related accesories from around the world.
website http://www.thirdculture.jp/

KOLES {@d.o.yy}
Graf ti artist residing in Melbourne.

NOAH ICHI {@noahichi}
Graf ti artist residing in Melbourne.

Photographer based in Melbourne.
website: http://michaeldanischewski.com/

WILHELM PHILIPS {@wilhelmphilipp}
Melbourne artist/photographer/videographer who devotes much of his time to personal documentary and abstract projects.
TAKUO KOSUGI(JPN) {@digwick}
Creative director of Digwick.


JUDAH. is a brand that was established in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. JUDAH has af liations within the skate, art, dance, music and sporting scenes. JUDAH. is a brand that was created based on the concept of freedom and individuality.


SaintSide is Melbourne based retail store that specialise in sales and restoration of vin- tage, cruiser and lowrider bicycle and the sales of mens streetwear, accessories, home- wares, and collectibles. They are an important pillar in Melbourne’s youth and street com- munity, and are proud to support the event we are curating over the SPACE JAM weekend in Tokyo.